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The Candy-Apple

“Where you find the apple in the candy”

The Candy Apple was established in the dawn of 2020 amid the COVID epidemic in South Africa, like a ray of sun through dark clouds.

The main passions behind the “Candy Apple” idea are our love for people and good food, especially pastries. The health and well being of our clients is of at most importance to us. Therefore we decided to combine our two passions by providing our clients with delicacies that are both delicious and healthy.

Our products are sugar– and gluten-free and low carb.

Our target market is people practicing  Keto- and Banting lifestyles, Diabetics, people with Gluten intolerance, and any other people wanting to cut on sugar or loving our products.

We recently had to add a second leg to our business by popular demand, the “Or Not” range that contains sugar and gluten.

The target market of the Or Not range is people loving good food.

Our motto is: You name it!! We make it!!


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